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Life Challenges

Life Challenges is about facing the difficult times in life. We all struggle with different hurts, hang-ups and habits. Learn how to cope with all of the trials, temptations, and troubles in your life. Find hope, healing and the power to persevere. Find friends, love, understanding and people that struggle with the same things you do. Find joy in the midst of each trial. Check out some of these sites and take heart... You are not alone!

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  • Coping with Separation: Whether long term or short term, being apart can be devastating. Learn how to deal with these situations.
  • Coping with Anxiety : Is your life full of stress and worry? Would you like your thoughts to be free of worry? Learn techniques for minimizing anxious thoughts.
  • Metastatic Breast Cancer: Discover renewed hope in your life battle. Read how one woman found peace and joy in the midst of pain.
  • Grief Process: Are you hurting due to the loss of a loved one? A greater understanding of loss will help you cope.
  • Coping with Miscarriage: Understanding the myths surrounding pregnancy loss. Discovering the truth of loss and grief.
  • Premarital Sex: Is it morally right or wrong? How do I know for sure? What should I take into consideration when making this decision?
  • Why Me God: Do you feel singled out or punished? Do you want to understand why these things are happening? Find out here.
  • Pancreatitis: Painful inflammation of the large gland behind the stomach. A look at the symptoms, causes and possible treatments of acute and chronic forms of this painful condition.
  • Miscarriage Statistics: The definitions and statistics underlying miscarriage. The physical and emotional effects.
  • Signs of Depression: Tiredness, mood swings, difficulty coping with life. If you are experiencing symptoms indicating a depressed nature, seek help. Learn more here.
  • Coping with Loneliness: Friends can let us down when they turn away during a life crisis. When we're alone, who can we turn to?
  • Marital Infidelity: Statistics and facts regarding extramarital relationships are undeniable. Evidence points to these statistics being on the increase.
  • How to Commit Suicide: Are you contemplating taking your life? Read a personal story of how one woman struggled with this very serious question.
  • Christian Family Counseling: Is it time to examine your most important ministry - your family? Here's a wakeup call and some helpful hints.
  • Gay Christians: What does the Bible say about homosexuality in the church? Is it really sin? Why don't Christians accept all lifestyles?
  • Suicide of a Child: Are you grieving the loss of your son or daughter from suicide? Read how one mother survived the horrific loss of her son.
  • Coping with Divorce: A huge and growing concern in our society. The official statistics, financial costs and human effects of divorce.
  • Chronic Pain: A personal story of trial and denial. An answer to prayer. Turning pain into a deeper relationship with God.
  • Dealing with Death: Are you trying to cope with the loss of a loved one? Find out the role that trust plays in this process.
  • Child Abuse Help: How does a person recover from a childhood of abusive relationships? Discover a relationship that will heal those wounds.
  • Coping with Job Loss: Are you struggling with unemployment? Has your feeling of worth decreased? Do you feel defeated? Hear a firsthand story of fulfillment.
  • Post Abortion Syndrome: The pain, guilt and depression. The gift of forgiveness. A story of hope from one survivor.
  • Coping with Depression: Do you know the options that are available to fight it? A combination of treatments may be best.
  • Christian Marriage Counseling: Are you looking for help and support in your relationship? Consider the expertise of counsel from a biblical perspective.
  • Divorce Questions: Where can we find the answers to our questions? What is the biblical view of divorce? What's the bottom line?
  • Dealing with Depression: Identify symptoms such as sadness, discouragement, and despair. Realize that many cases require treatment and medical therapy.
  • Christian Parenting: We are called to train our children in the ways of the Lord. How is your training program? Find guidance here.
  • Overcoming Jealousy: Jealous thoughts are a daily struggle for all of us. Can these thoughts be controlled or removed? Discover the answer!
  • Chronic Pain Relief: Strategies for coping with chronic pain. Practical advice, purposeful instruction, and spiritual reevaluation.
  • Overcome Fear: Is it possible to conquer fears? Understand their origin and how to best counteract their power in your life.

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